7 Instant Actions to Build Self Confidence

7 Instant Actions to Build Confidence

Self-esteem is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. It can be high, low or somewhere in-between. While everyone occasionally has doubts about themselves, others experience self doubt more frequently and for longer periods of time. Low self-esteem can leave you feeling insecure, unmotivated and in search of a purpose or passion. It can feel as though something is lacking in your life.

As a Therapist and Life Coach one of the most common concerns I see amongst my clients is simply to feel more confident in a variety of different environments.

While your confident friends may say: “Well, just be confident!”, to a person experiencing a lack of confidence this piece of advice is not useful at all and can leave you feeling even more frustrated, wondering if there is something truly wrong with you. Rest assured that it is common that as we transition through the different phases of our life that we can find ourselves lacking in confidence and experiencing low self esteem. To combat those feelings, let’s look at some ways to get us back on track and restore your confidence and improving your self esteem.

You might be able to identify a few things that are affecting your opinion of yourself (maybe you’re being bullied, or you might be feeling lonely), or like many experience they just can’t pin point the reason “why”.

Confidence is built on different things and over time, so it is worthy to know that our choices and accomplishments feed our passion, thus making us feel happier and more confident in who we are. Discovering these things is one of the most worthwhile pursuits of your life. In my 8 week group therapy program, Labyrinth, you can learn how to develop your inner strength, build confidence, renew your passions and create healthy boundaries with others that are supportive of your values and purpose in life.

If you are wondering how to improve your self-esteem, I hope you will find something useful in this article to help you improve and maintain your own levels of confidence.

Is Chronic Pain Dragging you Down?

Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Chronic PainChronic pain is defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Whereas acute pain is a normal sensation that alerts us to possible injury. Chronic pain is very different. It can persist for months or even longer and can sometimes have no apparent reason to exist.

Spots and Blemishes - Who has time for them!

AcneThe benefits of Aromatherapy in treating Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne is a different type of breakout that requires more than a spot treatment for curing it. The cysts are hard and painful blemishes that have deep roots within the skin. They eventually heal as the body reabsorbs the infection but they can remain on your skin as a painful lump for weeks. One of the quickest ways to fix it usually involves a cystic acne treatment or a cortisone shot but for those of who would not want to pile on such foreign ingredients on your faces, there are a lot of alternative remedies.

Stress: Facing the Demon Naturally

A lot of people suffer from stress and anxiety and they look for alternatives to medication. The good news is that there a number of natural remedies for stress of any type. Some of them are aromatherapy, CBT, and herbal medicines.

Aromatherapy to relieve your stress

Aromatherapy, a branch of herbal medicine uses the essential oils that are found in plants for their medicinal and healing properties. Although the name suggests that it is primarily a form of smell or aroma therapy but the essential oils are actually intended to be absorbed into the body via your skin through different techniques like massage, the lungs, and also through inhalation. It is widely used for detoxifying the body, rejuvenation of the body, and to reduce all types of stress.

Workplace Stress: How it can affect our health and some self-help tips

Workplace StressStress at work is normal. Even your dream jobs will have stressful deadlines and performance expectations. For some people, stress works as a motivator while for others, stress can be quite overwhelming. You may continually worry about a project, feel that you’re being unfairly treated by a supervisor, or knowingly accept a lot more than you can handle hoping for a promotion. You shouldn’t put your job ahead of everything else as it can affect your health as well as personal relationships as you get compounded with work-related stress.

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