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Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Charlena was highly recommended through a friend last year. I had spoken with therapists in the past, and was a bit apprehensive. I thought I would see how the 1st session went, to see how I felt. I can honestly say that the sessions I had were far different to any others I had experienced. Charlena is so compassionate and sincere, she made me feel so much at ease, she was not only present during our session time, if I needed advice at any time I could message and she would always take the time to make me feel better, she was invested in me and it was so nice to feel I had someone that was willing to listen to me during the hard times. Charlena also gave me reading material and tools to be able to deal with hard times/negativity when it arose, also such a nice touch to have the mindfulness with Kyle after the sessions . I will be forever thankful Charlena, words just dont show how much I appreciate you :-)))
Date of Posting: 03 Apr 2023
Posted By: Lisa G
After filling out my profile and details on Charlena very quickly reached out to me and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for doing so. I had been in therapy previously which hadn’t made much difference but when I first spoke with Charlena she listened with intent and made me feel very comfortable immediately. It was a very easy decision to start my journey with the Solymar Group because, before we started any certain type of therapy Charlena took time and consideration in understanding my situation before making a recommendation on a mixed approach, completely tailored to where I was struggling. I found it very difficult to understand my feelings and therefore communicate them in my relationships. As a result my romantic relationship was struggling. Since working with The Solymar Group everything has completely changed. I can say with 100% certainty that Charlena is the best therapist I’ve ever had, her support alongside Kyle’s mindfulness coaching has helped me build the foundations to create the relationships I actually want rather than being passive and allowing them to take their own path. Now I feel my life is on the right path and naturally more confident as a result. I couldn’t recommend Charlena, Kyle and the Solymar Group enough. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 19 Mar 2023
Posted By: Rory
I was first contacted by Charlena through an advert I put out on We had a conversation over the phone and suggested CBT. Having never had therapy of any kind and being a man, I was very apprehensive and uncertain if would actually help. The amazing thing about Solymar Group is the way it was structured for me. A 45 minute session learning about myself and coping techniques followed by a brilliant and uplifting 15-30 minute session with Kyle as my wellness coach. This combination is fantastic and really helped me help myself. Totally changed my outlook on life and shake my "bob" (negative thoughts) out my head. If you ever think you need to talk to someone, this really is an amazing place to go. So professional and once they see you no longer require their services, they will reduce them or stop them to suit your needs, no long term contract. Thank you so much both of you for the help and life confidence you have given me !
Date of Posting: 16 Mar 2023
Posted By: Matthew N.
Charlena has been a game changer for our family, I can’t imagine where we would be now if our paths hadn’t crossed. It’s a big step to decide you need help, but then finding the right help is another challenge. We feel so lucky and grateful we found Charlena. Charlena and team have many areas of expertise, in particular supporting my family with anxiety, confidence and mental health. They never gave up on us, always ready with new methods and techniques; especially for ‘trigger’ situations, people and environments… being mindful and listening are such a key part of our everyday lives now. Thanks again, we’ll never forget.
Date of Posting: 16 Mar 2023
Posted By: Paul
I was lucky enough to come across the Solymar Group through another website called Charlena answered my query almost immediately and we had a lengthy chat about my past and my needs moving forward. Having been in and out of therapy most of my adult life I knew exactly what I didn't want. Charlena listened and we have spent my time in therapy moving forward on issues that were affecting my present life. I gained many new skills for channeling and getting control of the things that haven't been working. I was given weekly exercises and she was always accessible by responding to messages and emails almost immediately. She is kind and compassionate and by far the best therapist I have ever had. She has helped me regain my self confidence and I have acquired life skills and an understanding of what things in my past have been contributing to my negative behaviours. I feel very privileged to have met and worked with her and I have referred a friend who has also benefited very much by her expertise. So Thank you Charlena for helping me find the sunshine on what was a very rainy season! ?
Date of Posting: 15 Mar 2023
Posted By: Melinda
I've absolutely loved working with Charlena. She is respectful, attentive and intuitive. She helped me shed light on my deepest issues very quickly! I feel totally myself again, so excited about life. I can't express how worthwhile this work has been to me and how much gratitude I have for the space she has given me to be truly me. Thank you!!!
Date of Posting: 07 Jun 2022
Posted By: Lauren
When I joined the Solymar Group I was heading down a negative path in life. I did not want to see friends and started to fear daily activities such as simply going to the shops, going work or bumping into a neighbour. My anxiety was getting out of hand and I needed help. I couldn't find joy in anything and constantly plucked the negatives out of any positive situation. The coaching has helped me overcome a lot of issues. I now look at life in a different way and have learnt tools and the triggers to help my mind stay happy and positive. I haven't had a bad nights sleep in months and feel refreshed every morning, i have discovered new, and rediscovered activities that motivate me and make me happy. My outlook on meeting new people has changed as i now don't dread the thought of meeting strangers and looking at the positive experiences meeting new people can bring. The introduction of goal setting sounds like a silly thing to praise, but it's something i have never done before. I have previously just gone through life for some reason hoping things will happen without actually doing anything. I now know actually setting myself targets and writing out something i can visually see and work at, will make my goals happen and take place. It has been one of the best decisions I have made in life.
Date of Posting: 26 Mar 2021
Posted By: S.E
United Kingdom
Take control of your life, your choices. Rather than a person just listening which is great and needed but Charlena provides solutions to problems and behaviour patterns you are stuck in. Be prepared to do the work Charlena gives you, it's ok to put your needs first to get you on the right track. Best decision for my well-being I've ever done.
Date of Posting: 20 Jan 2021
Posted By: Louise P
United Kingdom
The talk therapy I received targeted the core ideas I had about myself and how they were triggering my anxiety. The method of identifying this was beneficial in changing my outlook on myself and life that I had not felt before. After a session I would feel motivated to go and live out a good day and to feel proud of myself for doing it. Charlena was so supportive along my journey, pushing me beyond my comfort zone so I'm not restricted in my daily life. I cannot thank her enough for the time and effort she has put in to improve my confidence and mentality. I now have clear goals in mind to aim for and feel like a new person for it.
Date of Posting: 18 Jan 2021
Posted By: Lauren Glasby
20 years old, London
The last 2 years I had found very tough, I lost my grandma In 2019 who was like a mother figure to me and never took the time to grief. 2020 was supposed to be a better for year for me. I was supposed to get married and take the next step in my adult life. Obviously with what's gone in 2020 this all got cancelled and postponed. I took this really hard felt that my life had come to a crashing halt, I couldn't see how this would get better and struggled to deal with my emotions and control my behaviours. This often led into me arguing with those that were close to me, which would make me feel worse. I got to a point where I began to feel really down and depressed and this got significantly worse through the summer and I attempted suicide in late September. Following this I contacted Charlene to seek the help and support to turn my life around. I must say at first I was very sceptical about how I thought talking to someone would help. Charlena was great from day 1 and even though all our meetings were over zoom I could feel her warmness which really encouraged me to open up. She gave me some techniques on our first session to help me deal with the more serious and acute things going on such as feeling suicidal and embarrassed. She gave me breathing exercises to help me when I felt overwhelmed and the SNAP technique when I was feeling angry. Charlena spent the first 5 -6 weeks working with me and helping me understand why I was behaving like I was. The work sheets she assigned me really helped in making me realize and gain and understanding of what the issues were. She encouraged me to talk about my grandma, not only with her but with other people around me. She helped me to take a big look back into my past and get to the root cause of why I was feeling like I was. This helped me understand things further. She also gave me techniques on how to deal with life's curveballs and change my ways of thinking and think more in wisemind. This has helped me in all walks of life such as socially and professionally. Further into the program we began to discuss what good would look like for me. Things I've always wanted to do with my life etc. I explained I wanted to get back into running and exercising more, take more time to develop in my career and complete my diploma. Charlena began setting me tasks each week and I would report back to how they went. This is when I really began to notice a difference and my mindset really began to change. I was finding new hobbies such as baking and coloring and also exercising a lot more and doing a lot of running. Since coming off weekly review I have kept up to this and ran 10 kilometers today! Overall I honestly would go as far as saying that Charlena changed my life, looking back and reflecting on things I was in a really bad place and I'm not sure where I would be now if I never got in contact with her. I found her so supportive and helpful she really listened to me when I was in such a bad place. I would encourage anyone no matter what your background, issues or walk of life is to contact Charlena if you are feeling down. I truly believe she can help anyone
Date of Posting: 10 Jan 2021
Posted By: Craig Nelson
United Kingdom
When I initially came to Charlena I had been struggling with social anxiety for years, to the point where I normalised it. Charlena helped me to realise that the root of my social anxiety was actually impeded in my lack of self esteem and showed me strategies to use to help me regain the self esteem I remember having as a child. For so long I wanted to be my genuine self in all situations and I'm proud to say that im now about to be that so effortlessly. I'm very proud of myself and my development and my whole life despite being a high achiever, this is by far my biggest accomplishment. It feels so good to be me and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with myself!
Date of Posting: 20 Dec 2020
Posted By: Chloe
Chloe, London, England
Charlena helped my daughter with CBT session. She was suffering with severe anxiety and fear towards school . I could not believe the difference she showed even just after one session. She helped her to achieve her goals of going to school happy and how to cope with her panic attacks when they occurred. Even now that she has been discharged she still will provide help with vr link's later on if she feels she needs it. Can not thank her enough.
Date of Posting: 10 Nov 2020
My Daughter, Norfolk
Charlena has really helped me over the past few weeks to conquer my stressors, understand my core values and help work on my self esteem and confidence. Having appointments over Zoom has been really helpful in the current environment and the plethora of techniques she has used with me have really aided me in my goals and how I'm feeling. The use of VR has also been an awesome way to calm my anxiety levels and also carry out and focus on mindfulness.I have felt both supported and empowered in our time working together and feel a much stronger and more confident person. Thank you!!
Date of Posting: 03 Nov 2020
Posted By: Raechelle
Portsmouth, UK
Before to meet Charlena I was really confused, I couldn’t have healthy relationships with anyone and I didn’t know how to go over this problems. Thanks to Charlena now I am able to resolve my problems and have healthy relationships around me. Without her I couldn’t have done it. A big thanks to you!!
Date of Posting: 22 Oct 2020
Posted By: Anna
I have so enjoyed working with Char over the past few months. Her approach to CBT and Coaching makes you feel supported and empowered all at once, and no obstacle feels to difficult to overcome. She is patient, thoughtful, adaptable and knowledgeable, and I am very grateful for her help and guidance. She truly is a rare find.
Date of Posting: 02 Oct 2020
Posted By: Jimmy M
Charlena has helped our teenage daughter so much throughout lockdown and has tailor- made her approach to include the whole family. In her unstinting quest to help us, Charlena has been incredibly generous with her time and expertise - going above and beyond to make us feel that we are all totally supported. We feel, as a family, that we can now communicate much more freely and purposefully, thanks to Charlena’s input, and cannot recommend her more highly. Most gratefully, Miranda and Kev xx
Date of Posting: 14 Sep 2020
Posted By: Miranda
London, England
A year ago, my husband and I went to see Charlena to help us with our parenting. We are parents of a teen and a child on the Autism Spectrum. We felt we were not coping as parents, feeling pulled in all directions. Her approach to coaching us involved our whole family, not just us. She made us feel at ease. She moved our family in the direction of success. She helped us find our strengths and use them to benefit us. In our opinion, she went over and above what we ever expected we could accomplish with a life coach. She continues to provide us with outstanding coaching sessions as our needs arise and we feel very lucky to have crossed paths with her.... Oh and Cedar, the service/therapy dog is fantastic. Having her present for our sessions has been so healing for our family.
Date of Posting: 10 Jul 2020
Posted By: Rebeka H
My life was a mess. Without Charlena, I am not sure what would have happened. She never gave up on me. She believed in me. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 10 Jun 2020
Posted By: Sahara D.
I met Charlena at my work health&wellness week a couple of years ago. After a brief discussion with her, I decided to try some therapy with her for my depression. I was grieving the death of my son. I am so glad I connected with her. She was able to help me through the process. She has a very compassionate, she is easy to speak with and offers encouragement when needed. Her skills are absolutely amazing. I have seen other therapists in my teens and early adult years, but Charlena is the best. I have no reservations about referring others to her. I know they will be in excellent hands. Even in my lowest moment, she was able to provide to me a sense of relief, even in her unspoken word.
Date of Posting: 26 May 2020
Posted By: C.Mason
This was a super great experience! From the discovery call to the end of my program, Char was so helpful in helping me identify my needs, helping me strive for my goals, and guiding me to reach them! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and has a great online system that allows for ease and convenience to complete her programs! I haven't worked with a life coach before, but this was definitely positive and life-changing experience!!! A+ and highly recommend!
Date of Posting: 18 Apr 2020
Posted By: Jenny P.
Working with Charlena has been an incredible experience. She is an excellent listener and gave unique ways to view the situations I was in. At first I had no idea what I was aiming for, except to find a new path. Charlena has helped me manage the stress of the unknown, conquer my lack of confidence and believe in the tomorrow. With her extreme positivity and un-judgemental attitude, it makes talking to her an easygoing experience all the time. Thank you for all the advice, and helping me ease into my new life, ready to face new adventures.
Date of Posting: 04 Mar 2020
Posted By: M. Cyr
Charlena helped me put my life onto the right path. She guided me through the difficult decisions with honesty, kindness and understanding. She helped me see that the best path isn't always the easiest and helped calmed my anxiety for change. Without Charlena's help I would have just settled, never pushing myself, never challenging myself and never knowing what I am capable of. I 100% recommend :)
Date of Posting: 15 Feb 2020
Posted By: Michelle
Charlena has been my life coach for many years now. When I first started with her, she showed me how to reach my goals and make the necessary changes to sustain over the long haul. I was at that time in need of improving my relationships with family and friends, but also needed help managing my stress and anxiety. I completed a course of sessions with her which provided me the skills I needed to make the changes in my life. Was it work.... Yes! She expected me to work for the change, she made me accountable for my actions. A few years ago, I decided to start up a business. I immediately sought out her services again to help me set reasonable goals to be able to succeed. She has been instrumental in supporting me to make difficult business decisions. If you are looking for a coach or therapist who won't give up on you, will NOT judge you and works as hard for you as you are for yourself, then look no further. She is a excellent person who can deliver you the services you are looking for with empathy. You want results... this is your person
Date of Posting: 16 Dec 2019
Posted By: Charlie S.
Charlena you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all your coaching and guidance to manage my chronic pain.
Date of Posting: 21 Aug 2019
Posted By: Heather V.
I am really glad I met Charlena. For years, I felt something was missing in my life. I always felt sad. I decided to try some therapy. It was hard work, but she was always there to encourage me and she has an incredible way of helping without being judgmental. Her knowledge and expertise really shines.
Date of Posting: 20 Jan 2019
Posted By: BD
I had been working as a deckhand on yachts for years. After just a few sessions with Charlena, she encouraged me to set my goals and showed me how to work towards them. Six months later and I am now the Captain of a private yacht. My salary has jumped five fold, and my job satisfaction is through the roof! Despite being on the other side of the planet, Charlena was easy to work with as her online forms and Zoom meetings meant I could do the work from my tablet, on my schedule. This was very important to me as to see someone in their office would have been impossible when we were out at sea. But with Charlena, all I needed was an internet connection... any place, any time. I even had a session with her while I was sitting on a deserted beach under a palm tree. She has changed my life, and I am forever grateful!
Date of Posting: 05 Jul 2018
Posted By: Captain Sam
Costa Rica
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