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Understanding ADD and ADHD: How Mental Health Coaching Can Help

Understanding ADD and ADHD: How Mental Health Coaching Can Help

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affect millions of people each year, spanning all genders, ages, lifestyles, and social economic backgrounds. While both disorders can be debilitating, individuals can learn to manage and ultimately thrive with the right combination of treatments.


ADD and ADHD are neurological disorders that affect attention, concentration, and the ability to control impulsive behavior. People with ADD find it difficult to maintain focus on a task, whereas those with ADHD struggle not only with focus, but also with hyperactivity, restlessness, and impulsivity.

What Causes ADD/ADHD?

The causes of ADD and ADHD are unknown, though there are many potential contributing factors. These may include a family history of mental health issues, genetic factors, environmental or dietary triggers, issues in early psychological development, particular brain chemistry imbalances, and exposure to toxic substances.

Diagnosing ADD/ADHD

Diagnosing ADD and ADHD can be a challenging process. This is because affected individuals are unique and won't necessarily exhibit the same patterns or symptoms. Consequently, ADD/ADHD are typically diagnosed by a team consisting of a psychologist, psychiatrist, and medical doctor. This team uses a range of techniques and evidence-based assessments to make a diagnosis.

Treating ADD/ADHD

The aim of treating ADD/ADHD is to ensure children and adults can live happier, more productive lives. A treatment plan should be tailored to the individual, as the right combination of therapies, activities, and other interventions will vary by person. Potential treatment options include medications, behavior therapy, lifestyle changes, educational interventions, and social skills training.

What Is Mental Health Coaching?

Mental health coaching is an emerging, evidence-based form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals make meaningful, long-term lifestyle changes. Mental health coaching can aid in the management of conditions such as ADD and ADHD by developing the skills and strategies needed to make positive adjustments in self-image, emotions, and behavior. The ultimate goal is to foster greater emotional resilience and to enable the individual to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

What Does Mental Health Coaching Involve?

Mental health coaching encompasses various techniques and processes. The coach will work with the individual to gain a deeper understanding of the person’s values, beliefs, and lifestyle, as well as the current lifestyle issues they’d like to address. Once the individual is comfortable with the coaching process, the coach can help them set achievable goals and develop practical strategies for achieving them. The coach can also provide feedback and establish a plan of action to work on until the goals are achieved.

The Benefits of Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaching has the potential to provide a range of benefits to those struggling with ADD and ADHD. It can help individuals develop problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills, as well as establish healthy coping mechanisms. The coaching sessions support individuals in building confidence, increasing understanding, and gaining coping strategies for difficult situations. It can also help them better understand how their thoughts and beliefs impact their behaviors, and how they can make changes to lead a more balanced lifestyle.

When combined with medical advice and traditional therapeutic interventions, Mental Health Coaching can offer a powerful, often life-changing, supplement to ADHD/ADD treatments. It can offer long-term positive change by providing valuable tools and techniques that individuals can use to improve their overall well-being.


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