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Healthy Screen Time: Strategies for Living Mindfully with Technology

Healthy Screen Time: Strategies for Living Mindfully with Technology

Technology can be a great enabler and source of entertainment and enrichment for people of all ages. But when used unmindfully it can also be a source of stress and distraction. It's important to be aware of the risks of excessive use, so here are some strategies to practice healthy screen time habits and balance technology use in everyday life.

Manage Your Boundaries for Healthier Habits

We can all recognize the importance of both managing our own expectations as well as the expectations of others in order to maintain healthy screen time habits. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Set realistic goals for how much time you want to spend on a device or online.
  • Avoid using devices while doing activities that require focus or attention.
  • Practice saying “no” when someone or something demands too much of your time.
  • Be mindful of who or what is taking up too much of your time, and set limits accordingly.
  • Ask yourself if the way you’re spending your time is really beneficial in the long run.

Establish Healthy Habits and Routines

To create balanced screen time habits, it's important to develop healthy routines and stick to them. Here are some tips to help:

  • Designate and stick to set times for device usage.
  • Remove distractions such as notifications and alerts.
  • Take regular breaks between activities to ensure restfulness and clarity.
  • Reward yourself for reaching goals by taking a break from technology.
  • Find an activity or hobby that doesn’t involve screen time that you can dedicate yourself to.

Seek Support to Stay Motivated

It can be difficult to follow through on these strategies without support. Having a friend or family member to hold you accountable is a great way to stay motivated and keep track of your progress. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Find someone to motivate and remind you when you start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Share progress or struggles with a friend to help stay on track.
  • Set reminders for yourself or partner to provide support in moments of temptation.
  • Explore healthy hobbies or activities with a partner or friend that doesn’t involve technology.
  • Consider joining a group or organization focused on the same goals.


The above strategies are just the beginning of creating a healthier relationship with technology. It's important to remember that a balance of digital and analog experiences is essential for a healthy lifestyle. And although it might take time and commitment, with dedication and consistency, you can create a life of mindful usage. So, use these strategies to jump-start your journey to living mindfully with technology.

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