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'Me Time' - What it means and how to make it part of your routine

'Me Time' - What it means and how to make it part of your routineTaking time for yourself is an important but often underappreciated part of life. This is known as "Me Time", and it’s necessary for having a holistic lifestyle. What exactly is 'Me Time'? It’s a defined period of time during the day or week where you make sure to set aside what can often be an overwhelming set of responsibilities (whether work-related or not) and focus on yourself - your health, your happiness, and your well-being. 'Me Time' is, by definition, time spent doing something enjoyable and restorative for yourself. It isn’t about numbing out or hiding behind a screen; it’s about carving out a space to nurture yourself and reconnect with who you are and what you need.

'Me Time' can take many forms; it’s different for everyone and it’s important that you find the activities that help you to feel your best and make you happiest. It can involve:

  • Taking a walk outdoors
  • Spending time with a beloved pet
  • Reading a book
  • Meditating
  • Self-care activities such as taking a long, hot bath, listening to feel-good music, or indulging in a massage
  • Engaging in creative activities like baking, writing, crafting, creating art, or any kind of hobby that is devoted to exploring and expressing yourself

There is a sense of liberation that comes with taking the time to be a priority in your own life. There’s no wrong or right way to do it, no judgment about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. The most important thing is that you’re not putting others first in a way that exhausts or depletes you. It takes effort to carve out time for yourself, and it’s something you have to practice. The key is making self-care a priority and making it part of your daily routine.

Tips for Making 'Me Time' a Part of Your Life:

  1. Set Clear Boundaries: Make sure to carve out time and designate it just for you. Whether it’s an hour on the weekends or just 10 minutes every day, it’s important to treat 'Me Time' like any other appointment or commitment.

  2. Find an Activity You Love: It could be something simple, such as playing an instrument or writing in a journal – we all need an outlet for our feelings.

  3. Get Organized: Tackling steep to-do lists, prioritizing tasks, and staying on top of deadlines can lend clarity to a day that otherwise feels out of control. Put in the effort to streamline processes; it will free up time so that your take-care-of-me moments remain seamless.

  4. Find Motivation & Accountability: An accountability buddy can be great for getting in the 'Me Time' groove. Turn it into a shared activity, so you can both benefit from it.

  5. Put Technology Away: Forgo the phone, the TV, the tablet – even the laptop can stay closed. Technology can be a massive distraction from valuable tasks like self-care.

'Me Time' is not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. It can be one of the most powerful tools in our self-care arsenal, and is essential in helping us maintain emotional, physical, and mental well-being. There is immediate relief, a sense of clarity, and relaxation from stepping away from the hustle and the bustle of life. What’s more, 'Me Time' can also help build self-confidence and bring joy in the long-term. Make a commitment to yourself to take 'Me Time' and inject it into your routine. We all should have the right to take the time out and have the space to just be ourselves. After all, taking care of you is what matters most.

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