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Charlena Hello, I'm Charlena, a passionate psychotherapist, life coach, and proud mother. With over 20 years of experience, my approach to therapy and coaching embraces the holistic nature of each individual. My mission is to empower clients to shape the lives they truly desire. I believe in fostering an active partnership, where clients take ownership of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

At the core of my practice is the promotion of curiosity and the development of self-trust. By providing a safe and non-judgmental space, I encourage clients to explore their authentic selves. This process unlocks their innate abilities, allowing them to cultivate confidence and authenticity. As a result, clients are empowered to cultivate fulfilling relationships, achieve success in their careers, and navigate their unique life journeys with purpose and resilience.

If you find yourself feeling adrift on your life's path, I am here to support you. Let's engage in a conversation that will help realign you with your true direction. Together, we can set you back on track to living a life that brings you fulfillment.

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