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The Benefits of Behavioral Activation: How to Make Activity Your Ally in Mental Wellness

The Benefits of Behavioral Activation: How to Make Activity Your Ally in Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is an often discussed topic in the current day and age. People are becoming more aware of their mental health and its importance. Taking care of one’s mental health is an essential ingredient in cultivating a fulfilling life and feeling of well-being. Also known as ‘behavioral activation’, engaging in activities to take care of our mental wellness is an important tool in self-care.

Behavioral activation, in simplest terms, is the notion that our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are closely connected. Negative thoughts can lead to destructive behaviors and, sometimes, can translate into physical symptoms like depression, anxiety, fatigue, and more. Behavioral activation is the act of engaging in genuine activities with the purpose of gaining some understanding of your thoughts and creating an environment for positive and constructive actions.

When it comes to mental wellness, believe it or not, our brains and bodies work together and are interconnected. When faced with mental struggles, it is important to practice self-compassion and use activities as a vehicle to stay on a path of emotional wellness. Mental health and wellness isn’t a destination; it is an ever-evolving journey. Here are a few benefits of practicing behavioral activation that may help you in your journey to mental wellness.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Behavioral activation serves as a great way to boost your self-confidence. When we engage in activities, it helps us to see the results of our hard work. That concrete evidence is a great way to solidify our belief in ourselves and our capabilities. Seeing tangible proof can result in a great boost in our self-confidence and provide us with the affirmation that we are capable of making an impact.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Activities can reduce stress and anxiety. When engaging in stressful times or activities, it is common to become overwhelmed and unable to break free of that mental state. Engaging in activities serves as a distraction and helps us get in a better headspace. When we’re more focused on the task at hand, we are in a better place to reflect on the obstacles we may be facing and can successfully devise a plan to get through it.

Eases Depressed Feelings

Behavioral activation can be a great way to cope with depression. When feeling depressed, we may be in an emotionless state and have difficulty finding a purpose or meaning. It is in these times that engaging in activities serves as a great way to change the situation. By participating in activities, it provides a spark of energy and feeling of progress in an otherwise dark and stagnant situation.

Promotes Improved Coping Skills

Activities we’re engaged in can help us to learn how to cope with various scenarios that arise. Trying to tackle new and different activities can provide an outlet to practice behavior which can help us to develop better coping skills. Unfamiliar tasks can also serve as a great way to learn and challenge our brains in ways we may have never before, providing us with a new set of skills.

Encourages Social Connections

Engaging in activities provides a great way to build up a social support system. Pursing activities together with friends and family can create a stronger bond between all parties involved, boosting confidence and providing a safe and open environment to discuss success and failures. Through activities, people can create meaningful connections with one another and foster real relationships.

At the end of the day, engaging in meaningful activities serves as a great way to enhance the quality of our life and demonstrate to ourselves that we are capable of accomplishing amazing things. Behavioral activation is an incredible tool in self-care and mental wellness. Instead of burying our mental health struggles, we can acknowledge them, engage in activities, and actively use those activities to move ourselves forward in a positive and meaningful fashion.

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